Saturday, February 26, 2005

Synchronicity of Indeterminacy

Two dogs are sitting in a car, one in the front and one in the back. One turns to the other, opens its mouth, lets out some sound, the other seems to respond. Is it random? Is it dog-talk? Is it a conversation? On a street you see three girls wearing superhero outfits. Maybe they're just going to a costume party. Or maybe they're superheroes. At the hospital an anxious man stands nervously in the waiting room, hoping no one will notice him. The light seems to bathe him too much. Maybe he's just nervous--or maybe his shadow is too small. Are those four ordinary girls on the beach-- perhaps they are the new year?

Finding pattern in coincidence, pouncing on meaning when you can never really be sure what's going on--these are ancient tools of the fictionwriter's trade. Fiction is my first love, but it's usually not something that makes it onto the entries of this blog. Somehow the random pointing of Blogger's NextBlog! button brought it here, in the form of commenter indeterminacy, along with a link to a fantastic, ongoing opus: a blog, The Synchronicity of Indeterminacy. Almost every day, it seems, indeterminacy posts a photograph, and a tale to accompany it. The most fabulous caption. Just a paragraph or a two. Clean white lines of sudden fiction that jar your imagination out of cyberspace and into the land of Borges and Cortazar, which you find has been growing and changing all along, just like ours. Suddenly your attention may not be on the screen but on your twitching mouth and your stimulated brain. Addictive.

A sampling, to get you started (titles mine):

Dogs in a car. (#170)
Three girls in costume. (#165)
Shadow on the tile. (#43)
Four girls on the beach. (#120)

The timeliness of this post, however, is that the magician has asked for a volunteer. That's right, you too can participate in spinning a tale from a found photo! indeterminacy has declared that "it's your turn," and I couldn't resist presenting the opportunity to my creative readers.